Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions or access the online manual.

When will I be able to use Digital Anatomy? A downloadable demo of Digital Anatomy 1.0 is now available to the public.

What are the limitations of the demo version of Digital Anatomy? The demo version places a small watermark onto the DICOM images and also draws a blue rectangle on the upper portion of each image. For multiframe DICOM images, the playback speed is fixed, and not adjustable. Also the demo is time limited, however, users are free to download the demo again.

How do I purchase Digital Anatomy? Digital Anatomy will be available for purchase shortly as a digital download. Available as a single license, Digital Anatomy will require activation after purchasing. Pricing will be a limited time introductory offer of $25 USD. Please contact us to be notified of when Digital Anatomy becomes available for purchase.